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It's Oscar
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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    Edmonton Alberta, Canada
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    The idea for It's Oscar started in 2009, when my handsome dog came home from the groomers and had a little ribbon bow on his collar. Well, I loved it so much that I started making bigger bow-ties that clipped on, and then progressed to collars. In the beginning, for my lazy dog interfacing was enough to retain the shape of the bow-tie. Then Sam happened, she came into my life crazy and full of energy. I had to up the ante and make the bow-ties stronger and more durable. This is the product I sell today. I am one person who loves all animals and just wants them to be cute and dapper.

    Realizing that this was such a cute idea, I had to share it with the world and thus It's Oscar happened. We went from just bow-tie collars and now have expanded into long ties, bandana's, even girly flower collars. Crate covers, and hand painted pet portraits.

    All products are handmade with love. The collars are tested on crazy Sam and lazy Oscar, they both love to swim in the river, rough-house and sunbathe. The collars are fabric on the outside to keep up with fashions, and lined with webbing for strength. They should be hand-washed only to maintain their shape.
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